Remodeling a Historic Home and Ending Up on TV!

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Sunset Square is a charming neighborhood nestled in the heart of West Hollywood. Brimming with historical homes constructed in the early 1900s, Sunset Square resembles a scene straight from a storybook.

Our excitement was palpable when we received the call from George, presenting us with the opportunity to work on his slice of heaven in Sunset Square—1536 Orange Grove. Initially appealing primarily for its location, the house had remained untouched since likely before the ’60s. The outdated interior featured a non-practical layout that failed to maximize the space, and numerous underlying issues were apparent. It became clear that the only solution was a comprehensive remodeling project.

The Nitty-Gritty of Remodeling

Remodeling historic homes involves a specific set of regulations that are much stricter than those applied to non-historical structures. These regulations, although a pain in the butt, are in place to preserve the cultural, historical, and architectural integrity of these properties.

We rolled up our sleeves and dove right into the heart of it, initiating a colossal gutting process. It was about breaking down the old to build a new framework of elegance and modernity. We tore down walls to replace them with pristine drywall, laying the groundwork for what would become a confluence of past charm and present luxury.

The task list was comprehensive: intricate re-roofing, safeguarding existing solar installations, refreshing the exterior with thorough stucco work, and a meticulous sandblasting procedure to renew the home’s outer shell. We ventured deeper, overhauling the old plumbing and electrical systems, ensuring the house’s inner workings were as sleek as its facade.

The interiors saw a metamorphosis with the installation of sophisticated chevron wooden floors, the kind that you can’t help but want to walk barefoot on. We adorned the spaces with lavish Calacatta marble countertops and chic brass handles, creating a kitchen and bathrooms that were as functional as they were jaw-dropping.

Our journey wasn’t without its share of hurdles, especially considering the strict regulations surrounding historic homes. Coupled with the pandemic’s logistical nightmares, we found ourselves navigating a complex maze. But driven by George’s vision and fortified by a budget that embraced top-tier quality, we transformed challenges into stepping stones toward creating a seamless blend of history and luxury at 1536 Orange Grove.

1536 Orange Grove on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

The meticulous revival of 1536 Orange Grove soon caught the eye of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” leading to a star turn in episodes 7 and 8 of the riveting fourteenth season. The show unveiled our team’s dedication to restoring historical grandeur, seamlessly blending it with modern luxuries—a balance that captivated viewers as they toured this gem nestled in Sunset Square’s heart.

But the screen time was just part of this home’s journey to stardom. Post-restoration, 1536 Orange Grove debuted on the market for a striking $4,000,000. This figure wasn’t just about the house’s materials or even its history. It was about the promise embedded in its walls—a future enriched by the past, speaking to the kind of luxury that narrates stories across generations.

As it stands, 1536 Orange Grove isn’t just a restored property. It’s a modern testament to timeless craft, a historical narrative continued with every new resident, and a benchmark in preserving the past, all while crafting the future.

Orange Grove - Back Yard Remodeled
Orange Grove - Kitchen Remodeled
Orange Grove - Yard Remodeled from Above
Living room Pasadena CA

More Than Just a Makeover

Revamping 1536 Orange Grove wasn’t just about swapping out old fixtures for shiny new ones. It was about preserving a slice of Sunset Square’s history while steering it into the present day. Sure, it had its share of headaches, thanks to COVID complications and the usual red tape. But, in the end, this project was a crash course in resilience and innovation.

Today, this home is more than just a refurbished structure in West Hollywood. It’s a story of transformation against all odds, standing tall as a blend of past charm and present comfort. So, here’s to 1536 Orange Grove: no longer a relic of the past, but a vibrant, modern space ready for new memories.

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